The city in which you are always welcome

MOSTAR - City of Light

Many poets have described MOSTAR in their songs as a city that offers a lot but also asks the same in return. There are countless paintings of various artists from around the world that show the Old Bridge and the Old Town and we are confident that they will be more of those in the future who will try to transfer this inexhaustible inspiration on canvas.

Mostar is the city which combines different cultures, east and west. These two cultures met right here through the turbulent history of the past centuries which can be seen everywhere.

Blend of cultures, traditions and modern life

If you walk from the CITY STAR PENSION to the Old Bridge, it is impossible not to feel the breath of Eastern culture left behind by the Turks during their 500 years rule. But if you go a hundred meters further down the main street, you will recognize the buildings from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which have the same beauty as these from the Turkish period.